Aotearoa National Maori Choir with The Yoots - New Zealand/Aotearoa

Aotearoa National Maori Choir with The Yoots

The iconic National Maori Choir (Te Roopu Waiata Maori o Aotearoa) is reforming especially for WOMAD. Featuring around 80 voices from around New Zealand, Maori waiata we all love, and accompanied by WOMAD 2012 crowd favourites, The Yoots, get ready for what must surely be New Zealand’s biggest sing-along.

The administration by Toi Maori Aotearoa (TMA) of the ANMC is the one difference that has brought the choir back into existence after a lapse of ten years. The problems that faced the choir included the need to secure on-going funding and to sustain interest in its members. With the assistance of TMA and a strategy to encourage young singers to be a part of this unique group of singers the future looks promising and assures New Zealand with a cultural identity recognised and witnessed by so many people during their previous performances.


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