The Explorer's Club: Antarctica


"In a show described as a  “perfect evening of music” by the Dominion Post, alt-folk outfit Bond Street Bridge present a special performance of their award-winning multimedia show ‘The Explorer’s Club: Antarctica’ to commemorate those who know a different side of winter.

The classic tales of Captain Scott and Ernest Shackleton are presented as a combination of spoken-word storytelling and original folk songs, with arrangements ranging from delicate vocal harmonies to foot-stomping ballads.

The songs are illustrated with heritage images combined with original mixed-media illustrations. These photos and illustrations are projected around the band as they play, bringing the characters and stories to life.

With a band of road-hardened troubadours, stunning heritage photographs and beautiful original illustrations, audiences can expect to be transported back to a time when hardship meant something, pluck was everything, and if the worst came to the worst, one could always eat the ponies."




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