Leo, winner of multiple awards at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011, has astounded and entertained audiences from Tehran to New York.

Beguiling and ingenious, this show tells the story of a humble man with a huge imagination and the gravity-defying powers of the greatest superheroes.  The action takes place in a striking set that integrates continuous live video projections creating a funny, intriguing, moving, and at times surreal work. Leo can scale walls like Spiderman and dance on the ceiling like Fred Astaire.

Over ten years in the making, Leo challenges the laws of nature.  Breaking the rules of gravity as well as genre, multi-talented dancer, actor, trampolinist, gymnast and clown Tobias Wegner (also the show’s creator) delivers a perplexing and perspective-bending experience.

Leo is a superb physical one-man dance show, mind-bending, illusionistic and spellbinding, ideal for the whole family as it tricks the brain and challenges the senses.




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